Rainwater Catchment System

About DRIZZLE kit

The DRIZZLE kit is an innovative solution to rainwater harvesting designed for use by small farmers and homes. 

The standard DRIZZLE kit can collect approximately 40,000litres per year in arid and semi-arid areas. This will allow a daily use of over 1OO litres. Larger kits may be designed to supply > 1,000 litres/day.

DRIZZLE system

Why choose DRIZZLE kit?

Very simple to install

Managed by the individual owner

Zero evaporation and contamination

Extremely efficient

Allows farmer to irrigate throughout the dry season

Cost saving & low maintenance

DRIZZLE kit system

DRIZZLE kit system

The DRIZZLE kit gallery

flexible pillow tank

Water is stored in a flexible pillow tank (bladder).

The DRIZZLE kit includes the yellow catchment liner, the black flexible tank and fittings to connect the two.


Rainwater falling on the catchment drains to the lowest point and into the collection pipe.

system in action

The catchment has a simple pocket filled with soil along the edges to prevent clean water getting out and dirty surface water flow getting in.

Drip kit

During times of drought, the drip irrigation kit can be filled from the DRIZZLE tank. This ensures the most efficient use of water and extends the harvesting season.

DRIZZLE system

Chilli farmers may double their harvest if they irrigate.

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